Building Visions, Creating Reality
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Widad Group Berhad is an investment holding company which is principally involved in construction activities and integrated facilities management services.



Our Vision

Widad Group Berhad aspires to contribute meaningfully towards nations building and economic development in the south east asian region. We seek to enrich the lives of our stakeholders as well as to empower our organisation and enable our people to unleash their potential.

Our Mission

We consistently create synergistic and sustainable approach to businesses while in the process providing peerless solutions to our clients. We have a firm commitment to our people and pledge to continuously develop their skills.

Our Policy


Widad Group Berhad (WIDAD GROUP) is committed to ensure the standard of ethical conduct, integrity and accountability are always at the highest level, adopting its compliance obligation as part of the organisation culture and commit to continually improving the quality of life of people within the built environment. WIDAD GROUP aims to achieve better practice in the management of risks and opportunities to the company, its function, objectives, staff and to maintain a safe and healthy working environment in an efficient, systematic, effective manner and shall be communicated to all relevant interested parties.

Our Values (WISE)

Being honest, reliable and excellent while preserving our integrity

Being resourceful, intelligent, wise and having an attitude of continuous learning

Being ready, competent and always productive

Being united through thick and thin while working together in harmony

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